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Kitting and Fulfillment

Pollock Printing offers a variety of fulfillment services to meet our customer’s needs, backed by over 30,000 square feet of climate controlled storage capacity. After we’ve manufactured your catalogs, directories, kits or postcards, we can ship directly from our plant. We’re also happy to receive and handle any additional materials from third parties and then collate, stuff and label your mailers.

If you need to ship materials incrementally, we also provide inventory management and partial fulfillment services. As with our printing services, we’re very schedule oriented when it comes to our fulfillment offerings, understanding that a mailing is often the most time-sensitive aspect of any project.

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Blind Ship or Drop Ship

We drop ship product all over the nation on a weekly basis. Let us know how many locations and any special labeling instructions.

Collation & Insertion

Whether it’s a mailer, a kit, or even a backpack full of various items, we collate all the materials in your product and then assemble everything, readying it for shipment.

Inventory Management

Once you’ve printed your books, catalogs or directories, you may need a partner to store your inventory and meet your shipping needs on a┬ácase-by-case basis. We are set up to seamlessly transfer your inventory to our warehouse, which is run with an effective inventory management system.

Partial Fulfillment

If you have a very large order or simply need a quick turnaround, we can ship your materials incrementally as they come off the press, either to your distribution center or to individual accounts, customers or stores.