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Stop Signs are imperative to transportation. Without them, travel would be impossible. And even when it seems like Stop Signs are an annoyance and there is “no one around for miles”, nearly 700000 police-report motor vehicle crashes occur annually at stop signs, and approximately one-third of these crashes involve injuries. So, it really does need pay to stop rather than slow down…

The same logic applies to Commercial Printing…while no one is getting seriously injured if a step is skipped, there are consequences that cost time and money. A traditional Printing project is uniquely custom crafted. Properly taking the time for each step of the process, insures the next step will not be compromised. Prepress insures an accurate Proof, Proofing confirms the files, Printing from the Proof helps the Pressman confirm the Production specs, the Pressman confirms the layout for the Binder and Finishing department and the Bindery double checks the Job Planning to know the job has been produced complete and to order. If we were to blow through one of these steps, there is risk in having a problem. Could you get a job done quicker? Yes, but at what expense?

Whenever you are dealing with Custom Production, it is always best to Stop rather than Slow down.