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Why Die when you can Esko?

Die cutting has been a specialty finishing process for years. Typically, you make a die, made of steel rules of various heights and widths, and you die cut the project through a die cutting machine to make Book Covers, Pocket Folders and Business Cards more marketable and creative.

However, Die cutting can be expensive and time consuming. A Die can cost $2-300 and take days to have made before you can start the job. If there is a problem with the Design or Print and the Die does not work, the process starts all over again…

That’s all changed thanks to new technology that has brought about a new dimension for die cutting, scoring and finishing. You can now cut, score, perforate and fabricate at smaller quantities utilizing a flat-bed cutter on just about any substrate.

With ESKO technology in addition to traditional cutting of Paper based products, you gain the advantages of custom cutting large sizes…signs, banners, customized packaging, plastic products, aluminum and wood (just to name a few materials that an ESKO Cutter can cut).

So with a Creative Designer and a Printing Company with an ESKO cutter, companies can enhance their marketing for small production runs and same day deliver.